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Announcing the Launch of Georgia Test Prep

It is with great pleasure we announce that today we have launched Georgia Test Prep, an online solution to help parents and students of the state of Georgia create a solid foundation in Georgia Standards of Excellence.

Georgia Test Prep is meant to supplement a child’s school learning by providing a place to practice thousands of Georgia standards based math and ELA questions online, from the safety and comfort of home. Parents and students can easily track students’ progress and eliminate the need for purchasing a number of costly practice books or spending endless hours searching for worksheets and then checking them, because all of the content is digitally available.

Why Georgia Test Prep?

Georgia educators are doing an outstanding job of teaching the standards set for Georgia’s curriculum in school. But there isn’t enough opportunity for the repetition of concepts. For students to truly retain what they learn, they have to continuously practice answering questions on a topic they want to master.

So a team of parents of school children and Georgia state teachers got together to solve this. And thus Georgia Test Prep was born.

Georgia Test Prep Benefits Students and Parents

The content has been specifically designed to be aligned with Georgia school curriculums. It is made in Georgia, by Georgia teachers, especially for Georgia students.

Parents can use the tool to assign homework to their kids, and parents and students both get a dashboard to monitor the student’s progress. The entire bank of questions is being made available for less than ten cents a day.

Georgia Test Prep makes it easy for students and parents because:

  • All the material is available online.
  • The tool is available wherever the student is, all they need is an internet connection. There is no need to carry around cumbersome books or worksheets.
  • Parents don’t have to invest in multiple expensive books that soon become obsolete.
  • Parents can spend time helping their children strengthen their basics rather than checking the answers, since the web application does it automatically.
  • Since the content is developed based on Georgia school curriculums, you can be assured that it is an effective tool that addresses what students are expected to know by GSE.

Georgia Test Prep is a great ally for parents to help their kids get an edge in their education and an easy tool to help kids practice math and ELA questions closely aligned to the Core curriculum and GSE. It is available today at

How to strengthen parent-child communication-relationship?

Parenting is a tough job in and by itself. There is a long list of decisions that a parent has to make, never really knowing if the choice that they made is going to be the right one.  From ensuring that their kids get healthy food to eat, good friends to play with, a good education, the right career path, developing critical thinking skills, and so much more; parents need to think about everything. 

Many might agree that there has always been a generational gap between parents & their kids. This gap seems to have widened with the children in the 21st century. Kids nowadays might not be very open about things that bother them or be verbose of the peer pressures that they have to deal with because they might feel that they would not be understood or would be judged. To close this gap and to gain better understanding of what children have to deal with, parents need to develop a stronger relationship and a safe haven where kids feel they can talk about anything and everything. To be able to accomplish this there has to be good communication between parents & their children.

Understand how your child communicates

Knowing how your child communicates will help you strengthen your bond with them and encourage them to be open with you. Some kids are open while others a little bit more reserved. Taking the time to learning their style will help you bring the best out in them. Be mindful that not all communication is verbal and pay close attention to body language. Sometimes a cheerful child that seems quiet could have had a tough day at school and might just need a nudge to share it with you. 

Be a good listener 

Listening is so much more than just hearing what is being said; it is to understand the meaning behind the words. We have all been guilty of listening half-heartedly while trying to finish cooking dinner or while responding to a work email or taking care of the endless things that have to be taken care of. Give full attention to your child when he or she is talking about something. Make eye contact and let them know that what they are saying is important, that they are important.

Turn off the TV and any other distractions or interruptions as you intently listen to them and respond thoughtfully when they ask for your opinion. Things that seem trivial or silly to you might actually be challenging for them to process. So make sure you empathize without judging and look at it from their perspective. When your child feels like they can talk to you about anything and everything you have created a strong foundation of a loving relationship.

Narrate positive stories and personal experiences 

Children love to hear stories. Remember the times where we read bedtime stories to our kids when they were younger. It was a ritual that made them feel so special and loved. Depending on your kid’s age and maturity level, you choose the best stories for them.  As the kids get older let those stories evolve to you sharing your personal life experiences with them. Talk about yourself if you want them to talk about themselves. You don’t need to be perfect to inspire them. You just need to be real. As they start to realize that you have experienced a lot of what they are going through now, it creates this bond where they feel comfortable sharing and asking for opinion on things that matter most to them. 

Spend some time with them every day 

We all live in a busy world and finding time can seem difficult. Sometimes with both parents working different shifts it might even get trickier. Find time on a daily basis to intentionally spend with your kids. Little kids might want you to play with them. Remember it’s not what you want to do, its what they want you to do with them that matter. Develop a routine that works for your family. As kids get older they love to help. Let them contribute by helping you with chores like preparing dinner together or going shopping. Schedule some family time and plan a picnic or a vacation and create memories. To children love is often spelt as TIME.

Use the Whale-done approach

Everyone wants a perfect child. We use criticism and manipulation as tools to get them to doing what we think they should do which actually back fires in most cases. In his book “Whale done” Ken Blanchard talks about accentuating the positive and redirecting energy when mistakes happen. This approach helps build confidence & self esteem. Kids also need to know that we are their biggest cheerleaders at all times. They need to know that we have their back. It is important for them to celebrate their wins but also to know that making mistakes and failing is part of life and learning to handle failure is perhaps the most important lesson that can help them develop resilience. 

Help build confidence by strengthening learning

We all know that education provides the basic building block, which is the foundation to creating a successful future. Inculcate the love of learning in your child. Children tend to love what they understand and are comfortable with. Enrolling your child in online practice for Math and ELA can help them practice what they learn in school and become more comfortable with the subject material.  It helps them gain confidence in their own ability to perform, sharpens their skills, and creates a winning culture. Georgia Test Prep offers a wide range of practice for the students to enhance their performance and create great results.

Some parting thoughts

Make a lot of deposits in your child’s life. Give them all the tools necessary to succeed in life. Love them unconditionally. Make sure to tell them often that you believe that they are the most magical and wonderful beings in this world; that they are capable of accomplishing anything that they set their hearts to and that is exactly what they will go on to do!

What is the story behind Georgia Test Prep?

Being parents of young children it was evident that our work was cut out for us in order to support our children’s learning journey. We knew that the teachers at school were doing a great job in teaching them the Georgia standards. But just like anything else, without repetition of the material they could not retain a lot of what they had just learnt. In order to help them we had to search for the relevant worksheets online, print them, and ask our kids to complete them. Checking their work was yet another cumbersome task. And once they completed the practice sheets, we had to look for other worksheets. This was becoming tiresome and redundant. 

We purchased some books from a local store and also bought some online. It was hard to find out which ones were relevant to the subject material taught at school and which ones would mimic how their testing was going to look like. We realized that we spent a lot of money on the books for each child and were still not convinced that it was the best we could provide them with. 

That put us on a journey to find websites that would allow for them to practice online without the hassle of printing sheets and correcting them but pretty quickly we realized that was a very costly option. 

This is where Georgia Test Prep was born! We figured that there are a lot of parents in a similar situation like ours who are also struggling to impart the right education to their children. We reached out to some of the parents around us who had kids in Elementary & Middle school and talked to them and concluded that creating an online platform that can address such issues would help parents provide a strong foundation to their children.

What makes Georgia Test Prep a good solution for parents?

Georgia Test Prep is a comprehensive web app that helps students practice answering ELA & Math questions that are aligned with the standards taught in school. With less than 10 cents per day, the members get access to thousands of questions for ELA and Math practice online. The web app offers curriculum resources and practice questions to the students from grades 3 to 8. We have Georgia teachers working with us to prepare the best practice sheets according to Georgia standards.

Georgia Test Prep Filler image

This web app bridges the gap between the classroom and at-home learning. Parents can assign the homework to their children and once the student completes it, online assessment helps parents know about the performance of their child. This saves parents hours and hours of time that they were spending on checking worksheets. This web app motivates the students to work without any assistance from a parent or a teacher.  It also makes the students more confident as they get a better grip of Math and ELA. 

With a lot of schools operating online virtual classes due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there is a need for online assessment tools that helps parents understand gaps in their child’s knowledge and areas of improvement and help fill it.  And that is what we are here for!!!

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How can Georgia Test Prep help parents get complete peace of mind?

Are you tired of

… finding relevant worksheets online for your child? 

… printing out the worksheets every single time?

… spending hundreds of dollars on practice books that will be discarded after one use?

… spending hours trying to correct the worksheets or the practice books?

Due to COVID-19, many parents, students, and teachers tried to adapt to a new method of learning as the school year came to a close. Parents across Georgia took an active role as educators along with the teachers by staying connected via online communication tools and technologies. Most of the schools will be offering similar options that might include virtual classes as school reopens to help the children stay home safely. Your child will have to learn a new curriculum for the next grade on zoom in a classroom of 25-30 other children. This will require them to study a lot of the material on their own and repetition will be a key to retaining that information. You may be looking for innovative ways to help your children accomplish just that.

What are the challenges faced by parents?

Lack of time

Nowadays, parents have to work from dawn to dusk everyday to maintain the financial stability of the family. Working parents may find it difficult to find time to download the worksheets, print them, and get it completed by the child. They might not be able to devote time to check the work completed by their kids. 

Buying costly practice books

A lot of parents spend hundreds of dollars in purchasing practice books for their children. Not to mention they are discarded after one use and there is always a dilemma which one to purchase that is most relevant to what is being taught in school.

Not familiar with the Georgia Standards

Do you ever wonder what to focus on when helping your child review what is being taught in school? The basics of what is being taught may not change, but what the kids are expected to know for their grades and what they are tested for.

How can Georgia Test Prep help the parents?

Georgia test prep

Georgia Test Prep is a low-cost solution to make your children practice Math and ELA online. For less than 10 cents a day, you can get access to questions that are aligned with the state of Georgia. 

  • Parents can assign homework to their children and help them improve the areas where they lack.
  • Progress monitoring helps the parents make the right decisions when it comes to assigning practice tests for the children. 
  • As the answers are checked automatically, parents get a lot of relief when they can save a lot of time, effort, and money with the Georgia Prep Test web app 
  • You get access to comprehensive practice sheets for students. 
  • Multiple choice questions engage the students and they’d fall in love with Georgia Test Prep. 

So, what are you waiting for?  Sign up today for news on the upcoming launch.