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How does Georgia Test Prep work?


Practice what they learn

The content supports what your child is currently learning in class.

Where do they need help?

Helps identify your student’s areas of weaknesses and strengths to help them improve.


Aligning with Georgia Standards

Questions that are in alignment with the state of Georgia Standards of Excellence.

How are they performing?

Progress monitoring that helps parents and educators create meaningful and effective instructional decisions


Assign homework

Ability to assign homework and practice tests

Answers checked automatically

Georgia Test Prep will check the answers and grade the homework on the behalf of the parents


Practice for Georgia Milestones

Students can get familiar with the Georgia Milestones UI by taking practice tests in our web app for a nominal fee of $1.99 per test.

Test drive

It's as easy as 1,2,3 !

Click on Get Started (below) and sign up for an account

Subscribe to a plan/package based on number of children that will be using the web app

Set up the student account(s)... That's it!

What you get...

Any plan you pick, you get the following:

Parents dashboard

  • Assign homework to each student

  • Check the status of homework assigned to each student

  • Check the performance of each student on the assigned homework

  • Assign practice test to each student ($1.99 only per test)

  • Check the status of the practice test assigned to each student 

  • Check the performance of each student on the assigned practice test

  • Check the overall performance of each student and zone in on the topics that each student needs help with

Student dashboard

  • Practice thousands of questions for mathematics and ELA aligned with Georgia standards

  • Access and work on the assigned homework

  • Access and take the assigned practice tests 

  • See the performance on the homework, practice tests, and any additional practice work

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$35.99 / year

One student account


$71.98 / year

Two student accounts



$107.97 / year

Three student accounts



$5.99 / Month

One student account


$11.98 / Month

Two student accounts



$17.97 / Month

Three student accounts

Let Us clear It Out

What browsers can I use the web app with?

Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari are recommended and the app will work on iOS/Android tablet browsers as well

Can I set up a student account without subscribing to a plan/package?

The web app allows student accounts to be set up only after subscribing to a plan/package

Is Georgia Test Prep set up by Georgia DOE?

No. Georgia Test Prep is a separate entity than the Georgia DOE.

Is Georgia Test Prep set up by the state of Georgia?

Although Georgia Test Prep is set up in the state of Georgia; it is not set up by the state of Georgia. Georgia Test Prep is an independent entity where the content is managed by Georgia teachers to help the parents and students of Georgia!

Can I change my subscription package from one to another?

After the free trial period, you can only change the subscription package by selecting one with a higher number of accounts. You cannot go from a higher number accounts package to a lower one. The package will expire on the same date as to when you signed up with the current package. And don’t worry, you will be charged a pro-rated amount only.

Does Georgia Test Prep LLC also publish books for test practice?

Georgia Test Prep LLC is solely a digital product entity. We love the environment and promote saving the trees as much as possible. We believe with the web app, all your needs of giving your child/student a solid foundation will be met. So… No! Georgia Test Prep LLC does not publish any books for content practice!

What subjects are available on Georgia Test Prep?

Currently Georgia Test Prep offers the subjects that the student will be tested on in Georgia Milestones.

Will I be able to print worksheets for homework for my child?

We want to make your life easier, hence instead of printing worksheets and then spending time checking the answers, let the student practice on Georgia Test Prep. The work will be checked instantaneously and you can relax with confidence that your child is getting the best attention.

What if I don't find a particular topic for my child to practice on?

Please let us know! We are committed to adding content, refining it and making it a comprehensive solution for your child!

And they love us...


"Georgia Test Prep is an amazing product for students and parents who are preparing for the Georgia EOCT. They have used educators across the state as subject matter experts in curriculum design and content appropriateness. I cannot recommend this test prep enough!"

Albert Dias
Christina W. (Atlanta) MSEd, Educator and curriculum developer

"What I love about Georgia Test Prep is that it gives me the confidence in knowing I’m sending my students to something that will serve them just as well as I do, and just as importantly, I know I’m getting an outstanding program for a reasonable cost that won’t break my teacher budget."

Albert Dias
Destiny L. (Cobb) BSEd, Educator and Linguist

"As an educator who helped reviewed the test prep questions for Georgia Test Prep LLC, I can assure you that the questions are closely aligned to what is expected of students for the Milestones. I recommend all Georgia teachers, parents, and students to use this Georgia specific app for success on the state test. 🙂"

Albert Dias
Daniel C. (Gwinnett) MSEd, Educator and curriculum specialist

"After seeing the high-quality content offered by Georgia Test Prep, as a teacher and mom, I would definitely recommend this service to students and parents! Your child will receive standards-aligned practice that's engaging and effective."

Albert Dias
Tanya M. (Augusta) MSEd, Educator and curriculum developer

"I have reviewed the questions prepared by Georgia Test Prep for the grade level that I teach - 3rd grade. I love how it is organized by standard, so it is easy to find exactly what my students need to work. Georgia Test Prep is well organized and benefits the students of Georgia as a one-stop place to practice for the Milestone. Very affordable too!"

Albert Dias
Elizabeth D. (Gwinnett) M.A. in Teaching, Curriculum Developer

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